• A results oriented law firm

    Representing businesses and individuals in aviation, litigation and intellectual property matters.

  • We are a pragmatic and results oriented law firm representing businesses and individuals in aviation, litigation and intellectual property matters.



    Vladi Khiterer

    2901 W. Coast Hwy., Suite 200

    Newport Beach, CA 92663

    (949) 631-6161



  • Litigation


    We represent plaintiffs and defendants in litigation matters


    + commercial disputes

    + corporate, partnership or ownership disputes

    + fraud

    + interference with contract or economic advantage

    + trade secrets, unfair competition

    + products liability

    + serious personal injury, wrongful death

    + patent, trademark or copyright infringement

    + against airlines, including accidents on airplanes and at airports

    + against aircraft and aircraft component part manufacturers


    We understand that for many people, being parties in a lawsuit is a new and unfamiliar experience. We will do our best to make sure that each client receives personal attention.


    Our commitment:


    Always promptly respond to your questions and concerns. Avoid disruption of business and personal life while the lawsuit is pending.

  • Patents

    We represent inventors in obtaining utility patents in electrical, electronic and mechanical arts, as well as the software and business methods patents.


    We also represent patent owners against patent infringers and alleged patent infringers accused of infringement.


    We advise inventors in designing around existing patents so as to avoid a claim of patent infringement, including analyzing clients' inventions and products to determine if they infringe on existing patents.


    Whether you are a small or medium sized business your very survival in the marketplace may depend on securing and defending your utility or design patents.


    We are committed to serving you in the most prompt, personal and cost-efficient fashion aligned with your personal and business goals.

  • Trademarks

    We represent businesses and individuals in securing and defending trademarks.


    We understand that promptly obtaining a trademark or service mark often means the difference between competitive advantage and lack thereof.


    Contact us regarding a trademark or service mark before investing resources in marketing or production, so that we can perform due diligence and determine if the desired mark is available.


    We will make sure that your business goals and competitive advantage are served in the most cost-effective fashion.